The firm provides consulting and implementation services to sophisticated private and corporate clients. We are not subject to the conflicts of interest nor to the structural constraints often present within larger institutional environments. We focus on the long-term vision and building relationships.

Our Approach to Client Service

At Mickelson Capital Consulting our clients are an elite population expecting the highest standards of professionalism and attentiveness to their individual needs. Achieving this calls not only for technical expertise but above all, such timeless human qualities as a sense of ethics, discretion and mutual respect.

To pinpoint needs and client objectives, we invest the time to learn and get to know our clients. Then, assessments are made of each client’s situation. This process takes into account the individual sensitivities and constraints for each family or organization we serve. Understanding each client’s specific objective takes an investment of time with a determination to ascertain, whatever the circumstance that is in the client’s best interests. Every client is offered tailor-made advice, seeking a relationship that is built on trust, with decisions taken together in a spirit of complete confidentiality.

In consultation with Mickelson Capital Consulting professionals, our clients are well positioned to make informed choices for retirement, business continuity, estate planning, and tax deferral.

Mickelson Capital Consulting brings remarkable access to exceptional professionals including; legal, accounting, actuaries, plan administration and consultants.