About Us

From Strategy to Client Solutions.™

Mickelson Capital Consulting is a boutique consulting firm advising  individuals, corporations and families about minimizing taxes, transferring risk and tax advantaged asset accumulation. We listen, ask questions and most often work collaboratively with clients other professional advisers before making recommendations.

The firm provides consulting and implementation services to sophisticated private and corporate clients. We are not subject to the conflicts of interest nor to the structural constraints often present within larger institutional environments. We focus on the long-term vision and building relationships.

The Mickelson Capital Consulting team of professionals comes with decades of diverse financial industry, insurance,  consulting and investment experience including many great successes and some notable setbacks. Our culture is defined by; flexibility, independence, critical analysis, and lack of certainty. We continually consider what may be the  “Unknown Unknowns”. We value integrity, consistency, experience, track record, patience, and broad contacts inside and outside of specialty.

At Mickelson Capital Consulting we presume that the planning and tax landscape will more likely change than not change. We presume the best solutions to meet client needs are flexible and adaptable to the evolving facts on the ground.